Light Pruning*

Yes, we do light pruning on evenings and weekends. We supply the pruners. You supply the ladder, if more than a 10-foot step ladder is needed.

Our specialty is trimming trees and shrubs using hand-powered tools. Trimming includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Remove “suckers” from the base and trunk of the tree that talk smack to the parts of the tree that responsible for higher thinking
  • Remove branches that distract the tree from its primary purpose
  • Remove rebellious sub-branches that try to talk the tree into being rude and/or doing things it would normally not do
  • Adjust the overall look of the tree to add balance or a sense of appearing well read

*Please note: Green Noise LLC has a strong preference to work on properties that have mulberries, but we will work on properties without mulberries. But be warned: we may attempt to persuade you to join our Decentralized Mulberry Orchard. As always, there is of course no obligation or pressure. Only some mild hypnotism in the form of simple suggestions such as: “Wouldn’t a mulberry look nice there – let’s plant a dozen of them and see what happens over the next six years” and “Wow! I can’t believe I just accidentally planted a mulberry orchard in your side yard! Do you want me to plant another one on your south side to balance things out?” and the like.

Contact Green Noise LLC for an estimate and/or for more information.