Insects and Pest Management Information [New!]

About this session

The information in this session was developed with students in the Permaculture Research Institute’s (PRI) Urban Farmer Certification Program in mind. The intent behind the information is  to give growers practical, hands-on, and effective insect pest management tools (and ideas on how to use them) that work for organic growing situations or situations where permaculture methods and principles are practiced.

This session is also (ahem!) pragmatic…in the sense that the tools used for organic pest management are no-nonsense tools that include a broad spectrum of tools and techniques…including soap-based, oil-based, botanical or biorational pesticides that are approved for organic production.

The difference between this session and other sources of information is that this session is an honest attempt to bridge worldviews. The pest management conversations in this session make a sincere attempt to both respect AND bridge the chemically resistant the permaculturally influenced worldview with simple tools that enable growers at all levels to grow crops without plant-feeding insects interfering with their success.

I have no agenda other than to provide very sound and usable information for growers who are taking the time to learn a part of the craft of agriculture that often gets overlooked until the moment of crisis.

We don’t have to always be in reaction mode. With the right preparation and planning and investment in the right tools, we can continue to grow food in ways that align with our values and the values of the people we grow for.

Neil Cunningham, Green Noise LLC

Aphidius matricariae, aphid parasitic wasp

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